ING Group has announced that Cor Herkstroter will retire as chairman of the supervisory board of ING Group, and Jan Hommen will replace his position.

Cor Herkstroter was due to retire from the supervisory board in April 2007. However, given the changes in the supervisory board at that time, he agreed to stay longer to ensure a balanced composition of the board. The supervisory board is confident that with the appointment of Jan Hommen at the start of the accounting year 2008, a smooth transition is ensured. Jan Hommen is currently chairman of the Audit Committee. The supervisory board of ING Group has appointed Wim Kok as his successor on the Audit Committee as of January 1, 2008.

Michel Tilmant, chairman of the executive board of ING Group, said: On behalf of my colleagues of the executive board I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the contribution Cor Herkstroter made to ING Group for the past nine years. We truly value his contribution to the success of ING.