InComm, a prepaid product and transaction services company, has teamed up with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to introduce the FAREPAY card, which can be used to pay for fare on buses, trains and streetcars services operated by the UTA.

It is a suitable alternative to pay fares and eliminates the need to carry cash, thus offers a convenient journey experience to the commuters.

The company will charge $3 to activate the FAREPAY card, while UTA is planning to market the cards at more than 300 InComm-integrated retail locations in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

As per the current system, the commuters require to purchase tickets at kiosks before boarding trains or buses, but the new FAREPAY card will streamline that process by creating one card for bus, train and streetcar services.

UTA chief technology officer Clair Fiet said that the company could rely on InComm’s technology and expertise to provide a solution for its commuters that would simplify the process of using and paying for its transportation services.

"As more and more consumers move away from paying in cash for products and services, cards like FAREPAY are the preferred method of payment now and in the future," Fiet added.

Designed as universally reloadable, the new FAREPAY card is a closed-loop card that can be loaded with funds anywhere from $5 to $500. After the card is registered, and in cases of theft, the card can be cancelled and funds can be refunded.

InComm executive vice president Phil Graves, "By making these cards available to purchase and reload at various participating retail locations, consumers have more options than ever before to pay for and budget their transportation costs."