US-based Pervasive Software has announced that Ireland's IFG Mortgages has implemented a Pervasive Data Integrator to link software-as-a-service and on-premise applications.

Pervasive Data Integrator will provide faster, more accurate mortgage loan application processing, by increasing the efficiencies of agents in the field and reducing storage needs.

Prior to implementing Pervasive Data Integrator, IFG Mortgages agents followed a time-intensive methodology of using the postal service to deliver clients’ applications to headquarters, where they would be entered into the document management system and tracked in Lotus Notes.

To speed up application intake and arm field agents with real-time mortgage application progress and status information, IFG Mortgages deployed Salesforce to field offices to integrate with Lotus Notes at headquarters using a Pervasive solution. With Pervasive Data Integrator, sales representatives can input their customer applications and supporting documentation in Salesforce, which is then replicated in Lotus Notes. In addition, the status of application processing tracked in Lotus Notes appears on Salesforce website, allowing agents to stay up-to-date on the client’s application progress.

Phillip McDonnell, technical project manager at IFG Mortgages, said: The integration system will give agents throughout Ireland the ability to submit mortgage applications instantly and to keep customers informed as applications progress through the review and approval process. Our mortgage applications used to arrive by post from the various field agents, taking anywhere from two weeks to two months to process. Now, with applications submitted to our headquarters directly within minutes, we’re able to initiate processing sooner, as well as enable our agents to give an accurate, up-to-date status on processing to their customers.