IBT has partnered with fintech provider MX to bring unified financial data and intuitive money management tools to its platform.

MX will deliver cleansed and categorized transaction data that makes spending behavior easier to interpret, along with redundant, reliable multi-source aggregation that paints a comprehensive financial picture for customers across their accounts. MX's award-winning user interface further assists customers in formulating budgets, analyzing their spending, paying down debts and assessing net worth.

The partnership will also provide IBT clients with access to MX's Insight & Target, an analytics & marketing engine allowing financial institutions to identify their customers' external accounts — mortgages, auto loans, credit cards — and compete for that business through superior offers.

"Given our focus on helping community financial institutions expand their reach and outperform the competition, working with MX made a great deal of sense," said IBT CEO Mark Dittman. "These types of digital tools not only cement customer loyalty but also allow their institutions to grow share of wallet."

IBT has become a go-to provider of banking software for community financial institutions, recently expanding into the Midwest and Southeast. Given its rapid growth and an alignment of values, MX was eager to complement IBT's digital banking solutions.

"Giving community financial institutions the type of digital tools that both enable their customers' financial well-being and allow them to compete against larger institutions, IBT is positioned for success," said MX Founder and CEO Ryan Caldwell. "We look forward to working together."