Investment Advisors International (IAI), an affiliate of investment advisory firm World Financial Group, has named Horizon Investments as the company's newest third-party money manager.

IAI works with third-party money managers to make active asset management available not only to affluent clients and large corporations, but also to middle-income individuals and families and small businesses.

Through these partnerships, IAI is able to offer diverse investment strategies to give clients a wide selection of styles customized to meet their financial objectives.

Kevin Palmer, president at IAI, said: “IAI is proud to add Horizon Investments to our team of professional money management firms dedicated to helping IAI make active money management available to everyday individuals and families.”

Robbie Cannon, president/CEO of Horizon Investments, said: “We are constantly looking for progressive partners that understand the needs of the 2010 investor, especially risk management. IAI is such a partner and we are excited to serve as a third-party manager on their platform.”