Hypercom has unveiled a new point-to-point payment data encryption system Secure EFTSec Server 2.0 in the US, to boost the payment card industry's ability to deal with payment card data fraud.

The Hypercom’s new system is for processors and ISOs supporting Tier 4 merchants using Optimum T4200 countertop and M4200 mobile payment terminals.

The key feature of the HyperSafe Secure suite, EFTSec 2.0 encrypts cardholder data during transaction processing, starting at the payment terminal and ending at a trusted point where the data is decrypted. EFTSec 2.0 includes no per-transaction fees for retailers, processors, gateways or ISOs.

The EFTSec 2.0 also incorporates Hypercom’s recently introduced Remote Key System (HRKS). With HRKS, EFTSec 2.0 can be remotely activated on the entire installed base of Optimum 4200 terminals.

Hypercom Global Quality and Security vice president TK Cheung said that EFTSec 2.0 squarely answers our customers’ uncompromising call for proven and trusted point-to-point encryption without the oppressive, never-ending transaction fees that others are trying to force on the market.

“With our own EFTSec 2.0, and through our strategic partnerships with Voltage, First Data and MagTek, we provide multiple vendors’ technologies resulting in the broadest suite of security solutions, each addressing a unique need to cover all segments of the retail market,” Cheung said.