HSBC Holdings has selected software from data center infrastructure manager Aperture Technologies to enable better capacity planning and management of its global data center operations.

HSBC has selected Aperture’s Vista 500, which is designed to help organizations visually manage the complex physical environment of the data center, including capacity planning and utilization. For example, organizations can see all infrastructure variables at a glance, including space, power, cooling, network and storage, to keep the data center running at peak efficiency.

HSBC has 22 data centers in 10 countries, supporting 312,000 staff and 125 million customers. Implementation of Vista 500 will begin this year and is expected to be completed worldwide by 2009.

Having accurate, consistent and readily available knowledge of your data center inventory and what you have running where, together with your power, cooling and space capacity is not easy to achieve. Vista will provide a central repository, so we can see this information both on a data center basis and globally, stated Edward Case, a senior business consultant with the global data center services organization at HSBC.

Vista will also bring consistency to our processes for managing data centers, he continued. For anyone who needs to understand what is consuming resources in the data center, Vista is an important tool.