HSBC has introduced global current account and banking service 'HSBC Advance' for UAE customers tp provide access to preferential rates and prices on HSBC products and services.

HSBC Advance will replace UAE customers ‘Status’ in the bank’s portfolio of current accounts, with existing customers automatically being given access to HSBC Advance’s benefits without additional fee to them.

According to the HSBC, it offers various benefits to the HSBC Advance accounts including: team of relationship managers; dedicated teller and area in branches; preferential rates on assets; interest bearing current account / profit-sharing Amanah advance account; free life cover of AED35,000; a full range of wealth products; access to a team of accredited financial planners; global emergency encashment of up to $10,000; global view and global transfers and international account opening at 50% recommended retail price.

Ishrat Kiyani, head of premium banking and wealth management of HSBC, said: “Advance brings together the best of HSBC for our customers, combining best buy products and our international banking resources and expertise.

“We believe HSBC Advance has an unrivalled mix of ongoing benefits such as no annual fee platinum MasterCard credit card, free life cover and travel insurance, together with exclusive discounts on our products and services which our customers can benefit from as their financial needs change.

“Also importantly we provide the Advance proposition in a Shariah compliant manner as Amanah Advance to cater for customers who have a preference for Islamic banking.”