Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx) has selected Greenline Financial Technologies' suite of FIX Protocol solutions VeriFIX and CertiFIX.

According to the Greenline, VeriFIX is a standard for comprehensive FIX testing, and the users of VeriFIX can test multiple counterparties and simulate scenarios 24 hours a day.

The solution can also be customized to support multiple types of FIX connectivity, providing users the flexibility to support a range of testing needs.

HKMEx uses FIX 4.4 messages for participant connectivity and clearing and settlement through LCH.Clearnet.

HKMEx’ integration, quality assurance and support teams will use VeriFIX to test order as well as post-trade messages, providing end-to-end testing for all FIX traffic in and out of the HKMEx-trading infrastructure.

CertiFIX is a web-based automated certification system designed to simultaneously certify multiple counterparties. The solution also provides automated, 24×7 certification infrastructure, burst certification testing for new product launches and a centralized repository for client certification results.

Greenline president Josh Tolman said that the firm is pleased to work with HKMEx to provide FIX testing and certification solutions to help quickly and efficiently onboard both international and domestic commodities trading firms.

Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange operations and technology chief operating officer Lieven Van den Brande said that Greenline’s suite of products fits with the existing infrastructure.