Henderson Global Investors, an asset management firm, has adopted the Bloomberg Transaction Cost Analysis (BTCA) tool globally for its equity business.

Henderson will be using BTCA, a dynamic and customizable pre- and post-trade transaction cost analysis solution, to get to the root cause of trade outliers.

BTCA uses the same market data suite available on the Bloomberg Professional service.

BTCA receives transactional data from Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM), a global, multi-asset order management system, as well as the Bloomberg Execution Management System (EMSX).

To support non-users of these systems, BTCA also integrates with any other OMS/EMS or proprietary system, collecting data on a daily or periodic basis to tailor to clients’ unique needs.

By combining Bloomberg’s library of TCA benchmarks with historical trading information, BTCA enables clear assessment of transaction costs and evaluation of trader/broker performance.

Henderson will also use Bloomberg EMSX, a multi-asset, broker-neutral execution management system to manage orders, access liquidity and monitor trading performance through the suite of real-time TCA capabilities.