Hazeltree provides cloud-based solution to transform the treasury operations, portfolio finance and capital activities management for asset managers and investment firms


Image: Hazeltree offers an integrated treasury management solution. Photo: Courtesy of Cytonn Photography on Unsplash.

US-based treasury management solutions provider Hazeltree has acquired ENSO Financial Analytics (ENSO), a provider of analytics for hedge funds and prime brokers, for an undisclosed amount.

ENSO was previously owned by CME Group and the acquisition is expected to strengthen the position of Hazeltree in treasury and portfolio finance solutions.

Under the transaction, ENSO will become an integral part of the product suite and its prime brokerage, asset management technology and data specialists will be integrated with the Hazeltree’s team.

Hazeltree president and chief executive officer Sameer Shalaby said: “We’re thrilled to join forces with the ENSO team as our combined talents in treasury, portfolio finance, data, and technology will offer unparalleled expertise and support to investment managers, empowering them with greater data insights, better transparency, improved workflows, and efficient execution to capture unrealized value.

“The acquisition will result in a truly unique integrated solution with extensive scale and talent, to support more than 200 important clients, who can now benefit from the best solutions and services available.”

Hazeltree cloud-based solution helps asset managers and alternative investment firms

Hazeltree is a fintech company that offers services for hedge funds, private markets, asset managers, fund administrators, insurance companies, pension funds and corporates.

The company provides solutions that enhance proactive performance, mitigate risk, and reduce a range of liquidity and funding risks and streamline operations.

Hazeltree said that its integrated treasury management solution includes comprehensive cash management, securities financing, collateral management, counterparty management and margin management capabilities.

In addition, its cloud-based solution is expected to transform the way treasury operations, portfolio finance and capital activities are managed by the asset managers and alternative investment firms.

ENSO offers a suite of intuitive, data-driven tools that enhances risk and operational transparency and improves transactional efficiency to facilitate hedge funds and asset managers to optimise structural and variable costs.

ENSO global head Paul Busby said: “This combination will create significant synergies for our global client base. Together, our teams will continue to deliver industry-leading technology to help drive continued innovation of our portfolio finance, treasury, and data solutions.”