Hawaii National Bank has picked PhoenixEFE enterprise solution from Harland Financial Solutions, which will assist the bank to streamline operations and leverage data to support profitability objectives.

PhoenixEFE is an integrated enterprise software platform which integrates Harland Financial Solutions’ real-time core processing solution with the company’s market-leading specialized applications, the bank said.

Hawaii National Bank has $606m AUM has also bought various solutions, including LaserPro for compliant loan documents, CreditQuest for commercial loan risk management, Touché Analyzer for business intelligence, the Cavion suite, which includes Internet banking, business banking, mobile banking and voice banking.

Additionally, the bank has picked up ActiveView Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing, ActiveView Merchant Capture, and Electronic Funds Transfer.

Hawaii National Bank executive vice president Bryan Luke said by consolidating services with a single, trusted partner like Harland Financial Solutions, the bank is able to stay competitive and provide a more consistent experience to its customers, regardless of the channels they use to do their banking.

"The ability to access data from the open database of PhoenixEFE Core, as well as its modern, Microsoft-centric architecture, allows us to expand our analysis and design out-of-the-box programs," Luke added.