Harland Financial Solutions has added a browser-based solution CreditQuest Rating Manager to its CreditQuest risk and credit management software suite to streamline the credit risk rating process.

According to Harland Financial, CreditQuest Rating Manager automates the retrieval of existing data and ultimately route as the rating to designated staff for peer review, override or final approval, while storing historical rating data for future analysis, using definable workflows.

The solutions’ credit risk management technology is expected to offer straight through processing from origination to financial analysis, risk rating, portfolio management and reporting.

The key functions of CreditQuest Rating Manager cover the entire credit management process, and it scales to meet the credit risk management needs of financial institutions of all sizes.

The solution can accommodate multiple rating models that may be required to rate the various types of counterparties and credit products within an institution’s credit portfolio. It also enables easy deployment of internal rating models and provides enhanced staff collaboration during processing.

Harland Financial Solutions executive vice president of business development Scott Hansen said that the CreditQuest Rating Manager provides the functionality lenders need to efficiently apply objective rating processes, both when evaluating borrower and loan risk at the point of initial approval, and at scheduled review points.