US-based Hancock Bank has partnered with Trusteer, a provider of secure browsing services, to offer the Rapport web browser security service to its e-Banking consumer, business, and commercial customers.

According to Trusteer, Rapport will protect sensitive data, such as account credentials, by locking down the browser and by creating a tunnel for safe communication between a customer’s machine and Hancock Bank’s web site.

Rapport is integrated with Hancock Bank’s internal security and fraud detection systems, and supported by Trusteer’s 24/7 cloud-based fraud monitoring and analysis service.

The real-time information is used to update Rapport web browser security systems worldwide with new protection mechanisms and provides Hancock Bank with actionable intelligence about attacks targeting its customers and website.

Jeff Theiler, senior vice president and payment services director for Hancock Bank, said: “Faced with the growing threat of malware that is designed to evade anti-virus products and steal login credentials, we wanted to offer our customers the best protection available to secure their e-Banking sessions. Trusteer Rapport met all our needs, it is fast and easy to deploy, locks down the browser, and makes our strong authentication system even more secure.”