Goldman Sachs & Partners Australia has selected Lucsan Capital to assist with two major data migration projects.

Australia-based Lucsan Capital will provide Goldman Sachs a range of consulting services to assist with the planning, management and execution of the projects, in conjunction with the application of their LMIG data migration solution.

Goldman Sachs has signed a consulting services agreement and a license agreement with Lucsan Capital for LMIG, which will be used to address the data acquisition, cleansing, enrichment, migration and reconciliation requirements for an external migration program and major infrastructure rebuild.

Lucsan Capital managing director Daniel Ferguson said following Goldman Sachs’s extensive market evaluation, the company is delighted to have been selected to play a key role in the Goldman Sachs projects.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Goldman Sachs, applying both our financial services experience, and our proven data migration capability and software,” Ferguson said.