The partnership with GiftLogic will help expand Paystri's presence in the retail market


GiftLogic integrates Paystri's technology in PoS software. (Credit: GiftLogic.)

Point-of-sale software developer GiftLogic has added Paystri to its list of payment processors, providing its customers and prospects with best options for each merchant.

Paystri is engaged in developing smart and strategic payment solutions for independent software vendors (ISVs) and businesses.

Paystri founder and CEO Jonathan Arst said: “Partnering with GiftLogic is an important expansion of Paystri’s presence in the retail market.

“Our payments technology is designed to deliver innovative payment experiences to retailers and their customers, while streamlining business operations and reducing costs.”

Paystri president Chris Wheeler said: “We are excited to partner with GiftLogic, as there is excellent alignment between our two organisations. We share a mutual desire to delight customers and help merchants navigate the post-Covid era.”

GiftLogic has developed advanced retail software solutions to help merchants simplify their business operations and enable them to allocate more time to focus on customer engagement.

According to the company, merchants in the retail industry can easily get lost with the increasing number of software and payment processors in the market, and it is very logical to partner with Paystri.

GiftLogic president Ben Mitchell said: “When two great teams work together, greatness happens, and that’s what we have with our newest partner.

“We are integrating Paystri’s many features into the GiftLogic software and the open communication we’ve established will shrink the time needed to get it into the hand of merchants.”