Gemalto, a provider of digital security solutions, has launched Protiva One4all, a new authentication solution specifically designed for trading floors where workstations have multiple trading terminals.

The new solution enables traders to log on to multiple terminals in one go with advanced security level ensured by two-factor authentication.

According to the Gemalto, the Protiva One4all provides security and traceability for banks and complete ease-of-use for traders. Users can log on at their primary (master) terminal using their PKI smart card and the exact same authentication is automatically replicated across each of their other (slave) terminals.

The events such as log-off, log-on, lock and unlock can be replicated across the slave terminals, providing banks and brokers with transaction security and tracking. A transparent screenlock feature is also integrated into the solution.

Gemalto said that the Protiva One4all is already being piloted at a major global financial institution.

Gemalto senior vice president of online authentication Francois Lasnier said that this innovative solution was designed in close collaboration with customer to ensure that it meets the myriad security requirements that a fast-paced trading floor demands.