FRSGlobal, a provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, said that a global banking group has selected its platform to meet regulatory demands in 33 countries worldwide.

Currently, the banking group uses FRSGlobal solutions in six countries and extended the scope to cover a further 27 countries around the world with this most recent signing.

According to the FRSGlobal, the deployment will enable the group to centralize enterprise-wide regulatory and internal reporting, from both a technical and business perspective, and will ensure the group’s compliance with country-specific regulators.

The FRSGlobal team delivering these global accounting and regulatory solutions will be based across Asia-Pacific; with resources in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Steve Husk, CEO of FRSGlobal, said: “This deal truly exemplifies the power of combining valuable content with a strong product, and a unique guarantee to keep reports up to date with regulators’ requirements at all times. We confidently anticipate replicating the success of our existing projects for this group in the new countries they have identified.”