Open Solutions, a provider of integrated, enterprise-wide data processing technologies, has said that four credit unions recently selected DNA-sme (Standard Market Edition) as their core processing solution.

The recent additions include three Danville, Illinois credit unions; Danville Consolidated Credit Union, Education Personnel FCU; and New Horizon Credit Union, as well as Los Angeles-based, Hanin FCU.

DNA-sme is an open core system, built on a centralized relational database, designed to be a full-featured solution targeted toward the more community-oriented credit union market.

Since its launch, DNA-sme has attributes such as member target marketing and campaign tracking, in-house or outsourced options, a complete accounting suite and support of national shared branch networks — of both issuer and acquirer.

Danville Consolidated Credit Union president Jeri Hanson has credited her past experience with Open Solutions as one of the primary factors in selecting the DNA-sme platform.

"After working with Open Solutions for a number of years, there was very little contemplation regarding whether to use their DNA-sme platform. We’ve been satisfied since day one, and we’re confident that we made the right decision," Hanson said.