Fortis Prime Fund Solutions (PFS) has engaged SuperDerivatives’ (SD) independent revaluation service SD-Reval to source independent pricing for illiquid and complex derivatives.

SD-Reval delivers independent and market-reflective revaluation for a range of hard-to-price liquid and illiquid assets, based on market data and an analytics model. The service provides revaluation of complex instruments, ensuring that users have the independent, fair market value of their assets as soon as they need it.

Amod Kumar, global head of strategy, business improvement & control at PFS, said: “In our testing of SD-Reval we were impressed with the consistency that it showed in its ability to price illiquid and esoteric assets. The breadth and depth of the assets and structures it supports will ultimately benefit our hedge fund clients and their investors.”

Amitai Ratzon, regional sales manager at SD, said: “In addition to outstanding accuracy in pricing, delivering exceptional customer service is essential in the asset management industry, and the ability to support clients to successfully pursue investment strategies is integral to this. Our dedicated expert revaluation team will send PFS market-accurate, bespoke revaluation reports, enabling them to apply unparalleled precision to their valuation of portfolios.”

Fortis Prime Fund Solutions (PFS) is a provider of administration, banking, custody and financing services to the alternative asset management industry.

SuperDerivatives offers multi-asset derivatives pricing, revaluation and management tools.