ForexEgg, an online source in Forex analytics, has introduced a new Forex analysis tool, the Forex Algorithmic Trader.

According to ForexEgg, the Forex Algorithmic Trader provides Forex traders with detailed stats and information on activities pertaining to open trades, equity curves, trade distribution and a host of other useful stats.

The open trades tab in the tool lists current open trades and provides a price chart for open positions. It shows traders how the algorithms’ strategy is performing in the market

The equity curve tab shows historical trading performance for each currency pair from January 2008. Traders have the option of selecting individual currency pairs, or all pairs traded. The resulting equity curve chart will display either weekly or monthly performance.

The List of Trades tab displays all trades made by the Algorithmic Trader since January 2008. To plot individual trades, users can double-click on the desired row.

Muhammad Hafeez, software developer for ForexEgg, said: “We continue to add new Forex analysis tools and resources based on user feedback and Forex industry demands.”