Tennessee-based First Federal Savings Bank has partnered with Bling Nation to offer mobile payments services to its customers and local businesses. Bling Nation connects consumers, businesses and financial institutions through mobile tap-and-pay at the point of sale.

According to Bling Nation, customers with a checking account at First Federal Savings Bank can sign up for a BlingTag, a quarter-sized microchip sticker that adheres to the back of any mobile phone to enable debit transactions. BlingTags offers comparatively more security than traditional plastic cards and reduce the risk of identity theft, as it do not store any personal information.

Customers receive a text message payment confirmation and real-time account balance with each purchase. Currently, First Federal Savings Bank and Bling Nation are working with more than 100 retailers, enabling consumers to choose from a variety of stores near them.

Earl Bradley, CEO of First Federal Savings Bank, said: “First Federal offers a win-win-win opportunity for consumers and local businesses, thanks to Bling Nation’s secure tap-and-pay service, which significantly reduces the risk of identify theft and fraud at the point of sale.

“Bling Nation is catching on like wildfire within the Clarksville community, as customers and merchants see this cool new way to pay for services. It is helping First Federal transform into an extremely progressive community bank that is leading the evolution of mobile payments in this region.”