First Citizens Bank has added FIS’ Default Manager solution across its entire retail branch network to enhance the bank’s collections processes and results.

The solution provider claims this is the first deployment of FIS’ Default Manager in Latin America.

The bank intends to integrate the Default Manager tool with its existing FIS Profile core banking system, which will automate all facets of First Citizens’ collections processes including mortgage, automotive and credit cards, the bank said.

Default Manager eliminates manual intervention, thus improving the bank’s existing default workflows, while also providing collectors and management with real-time performance metrics to monitor performance.

First Citizens Bank chief information officer Warren Sookdar said Default Manager has helped the firm work more accounts per collector in a given day, reduce errors and effectively manage all aspects of its collection business.

"We have been able to streamline work flows and present collectors with the correct information to help them work with our customers more effectively and efficiently," Sookdar added.

"Integrating Default Manger with our core banking system has helped to give us a holistic view of our customers and improved the way we help them manage their debt."

First Citizens Bank, a unit of First Citizens Group, manages an extensive retail branch network and the largest ATM and point-of-sale networks in Trinidad and Tobago.