FinFolio has launched FinFolio Workstation 2010, a portfolio accounting system for investment advisors, financial planners and money managers.

Key features of FinFolio Workstation 2010 include: modern look and feel, using an Office-like user interface; CleanData error framework for tracking and managing data quality; brochure-quality client report packages; integrated billing and rebalancing; flexible deployment model runs on the desktop or in a web browser; imports custodial data from all major advisor custodians; and plug-in framework allows customization with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Matt Abar, CEO of FinFolio, said: This is the cumulation of more than two years of product development and a year of beta testing. We spent a lot of time on design, to make FinFolio stylistically match software that advisors already have on their desktop and fit easily into their workflow.

Mike Benson, CTO of FinFolio, said: This is more than a portfolio accounting system. FinFolio is a plug-in platform for financial services software. Advisors can customize screens, add new reports and charts, and use FinFolio’s open API allowing virtually unlimited customization possibilities. This is the most flexible and open portfolio accounting platform in our industry.