Fusion Invest in the cloud will help asset managers in supporting their investment management requirements, eliminating the need for hardware on premise


Finastra moves Fusion Invest to cloud. (Credit: Bethany Drouin from Pixabay.)

Finastra has moved its investment management solution Fusion Invest to the cloud to help asset managers digitally transform their operations.

With the execution of Fusion Invest in the cloud, the asset managers are enabled to access all the tools required for supporting their investment management requirements. It would eliminate the need for deploying hardware on premise, said the company.

Finastra senior vice president and general manager Younes Guemouri said: “Fusion Invest in the cloud bypasses many of the shortfalls of on-premise software.

“Underpinned by Microsoft Azure, customers can onboard quickly and benefit from access to robust and secure investment management technology that works in real-time. There is no hardware to install or support, minimizing the total cost of ownership.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to support our customers on their technology transformation journeys to access new markets, differentiate their investment products for their clients, and support regulatory change, especially in an era of accelerated digitalisation.”

According to the company, Fusion Invest solution would increase its speed to scale, provide access to its new products and services in portfolio management and reporting areas, offered through FusionFabric.cloud open developer platform.

Finastra said that its Fusion Invest is designed to support portfolio and investment managers in performing better in a complex and highly regulated market.

The solution offers enhanced transparency and supports collaboration throughout the investment process, and facilitates the optimal alignment of the investment team, portfolio managers, risk department, and operations.

Furthermore, Fusion Invest is said to benefit insurance asset managers in the form of pre-trade accounting metrics, solvency capital ratio, yield projections and it supports IFRS9.

Celent research director Cubillas Ding said: “As cloud computing accelerates, we are seeing stronger levers available for firms to create optimal sourcing strategies.

“Whilst operational strategies are not uniform, the right ones will enable asset managers and asset owners to put their best foot forward in capturing investment alpha.

“There are opportunities to employ technological advancements and ‘as-a-service’ propositions to drive multiple phases in the realisation of business value.”

In February last year, the company has moved its core banking platform Fusion Phoenix to the cloud, and selected Azure as a platform to provide its cloud-hosted solutions.