FFastfill, a provider of software and services to the financial community, has selected Corvil's CorvilNet platform to optimize the performance of its trading infrastructure.

Corvil claims that CorvilNet can benchmark the performance of critical infrastructure and ensure that it is achieving service level agreements as expected; can multicast gap detection, for hundreds of exchange feeds with the ability to measure one-way latency for multicast feeds simultaneously; and can also provide latency analysis of FIX order response times.

Hamish Purdey, CEO for Ffastfill, said: “FFastfill is focused on continually optimizing our trading infrastructure to achieve the highest levels of performance and availability of our products and services for our clients. The CorvilNet solution provides us with microvisibility into our multi-asset trading environment. By leveraging CorvilNet’s real-time analytics and latency monitoring we can assure the highest levels of performance and resilience.”

Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil, said: “FFastfill serves some of the largest and most latency sensitive participants in the electronic trading community with its industry-leading software-as-a-service model. The addition of CorvilNet will enable FFastfill to assure optimum performance of their products & services as demanded by their clients.”