Eurex Clearing, Eurex Repo and Clearstream have said that as of 26 November 2010 Eurex Clearing customers participating in the GC Pooling trading at Eurex Repo will be in a position to re-use GC Pooling collateral to fulfill their overall Eurex Clearing margin obligations.

Eurex Clearing members can make use of the new offering via their existing infrastructure.

The Eurex Clearing member only has to set an exposure amount while the allocation of the individual collateral securities will be managed by Clearstream’s collateral management system Xemac up to the defined exposure amount.

Eurex Executive Board member Thomas Book said that the Eurex Clearing members now have an additional option to fulfil their margin obligations by accessing and re-using the multi-billion euros repo collateral pool created by trading on Eurex Repo.

"With this new offering we continue to meet the demand of our customers for an efficient use of collateral, reducing the operational costs and operational effort of our clearing members while maintaining the integrity of the clearinghouse," Book said.