Enacomm has unveiled Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) biometrics-enabled Enacomm Voice Authentication (Eva) at the Money20/20 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Enacomm is showcasing the new technology at the conference at Booth 1533.

Virtual Personal Assistants provide hands-free voice-control for many devices and services – from ordering a pizza to summoning a car – using “skills” created by users or developers. Now users can access their banks and credit unions to conduct a range of financial transactions.

Alleviating security concerns, Enacomm’s VPAs skill allows customers to authenticate using the company’s secure voice biometrics solution Eva.

Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis said: “A major turning point, Enacomm has squashed potential security concerns with using a voice assistant for banking needs by adding voice biometrics technology.

“This is a big deal for both small and large financial institutions. VPAs with Eva voice biometric authentication provide a competitive edge in customer experience, catering to the demands of high-value, often on-the-go customers without increasing risk.”

More reliable than fingerprint scanning, Eva enables real-time customer identification with a 99.99% success rate and adds the most crucial security layer for multi-factor authentication. In combination with Eva, Enacomm uses a custom security code to prevent unauthorized voice access. All transactions are encrypted and no one – not even the cloud providers of the VPAs – can access them.

Voice assistants are particularly useful for retrieving information. Rather than searching through multiple screens, users can simply ask a question, whether related to account information or a bank’s products and services.

VPAs with Eva voice biometric authentication will also save financial institutions time and money by making it easy for customers to solve simple problems, such as activating a new card, without relying on customer service representatives, in person or by phone.

Using Enacomm’s skill, properly authenticated users can confidently conduct secure bank transactions and access financial account information, from making payments to checking credit card balances, reviewing transactions, and receiving information about their checking and savings accounts.

For example, the customer simply says, “[VPA Name], ask ‘my bank’ for my recent checking account transactions,” and the VPA handles the rest, requesting the necessary authentications and issuing appropriate confirmations.

“Allowing users to authenticate with their voice, without having to say both their PIN and account numbers out loud, is the breakthrough that was needed to make voice assistants safe for personal banking,” said Boukadakis. “Enacomm has added the secret ingredient – voice biometrics – to VPAs, delivering the recipe for modern banking customer satisfaction.”