EastNets, a UAE-based provider of compliance and payments solutions, has partnered with Computer Information Systems (CIS) to help financial institutions in the Balkans to improve anti-money laundering and anti-fraud controls, and enhance SWIFT payment efficiency, transparency and risk management.

CIS will be reselling and implementing EastNets anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and SWIFT Alliance Access value-add solutions for FIN and XML reporting, duplicate message detection management and rapid outage recovery.

CIS will resell EastNets solutions to financial institutions in the Balkans, including Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

CIS CEO Vladimir Filipovic said that CIS has evaluated solutions in the marketplace and believe EastNets portfolio of financial-crime and SWIFT risk management tools will provide exceptional value to help financial institutions meet and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements as well as to effectively combat money laundering, fraud and improve risk controls.