Dow Jones Indexes and SAM, an investment boutique focused on sustainability investing, have launched Dow Jones Sustainability Europe index series.

The newly launched index series complements the global Dow Jones Sustainability index series and includes benchmark as well as blue chip indexes for Europe and the Euro zone.

The index measures the performance of the leading companies in terms of sustainability in Europe.

The new indexes are designed to serve as benchmarks and to underlie index-linked investment products such as funds, exchange-traded funds, structured products, futures and options.

Currently, the index includes 150 components, which is 47% of the free-float market capitalization of the Dow Jones Europe Total Stock Market Index.

The index is calculated in Euro and US dollars and components are weighted by free-float market capitalization. The top five components of the index are Nestle, HSBC Holdings, Novartis, Total and Banco Santander.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Europe 40 and Dow Jones Sustainability Eurozone 40 indexes track the performance of the 40 largest sustainability leaders in the Europe and Euro zone region respectively.