Doha Bank, a Qatar-based financial services firm, has launched a cash and credit solution Tatweer (ATM) exclusively to its SME customers.

The card comes with benefits designed to suit business needs. Convenience in terms of supplier payments as payments for goods, services and business related purchases can be made with the card. The card makes a secure replacement for cash, with every transaction logged and the ability to cancel the card if lost or stolen thus ensuring the security.

A monthly statement captures all the information needed for accurate reconciliation of receipts so that the business maintains more control over finances. Moreover, employees can be nominated to hold business cards in their names so that there is flexibility within the organization.

With the Tatweer Rewards Loyalty programme, all expenses made on the Tatweer Credit card yields a cash back from Doha Bank back to the business ensuring optimum savings.

R Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank’s Group, said: “As a bank, we understand the need for a business to be on top of its expenses, we also recognize the role of SMEs in the economic development of Qatar and the region and having combined the two have come up with the ideal business solution – Doha Bank’s Tatweer debit and credit cards give you the control over your business bank account.

“With financial operations taken care of, businesses can thus spend more time trying to focus on growing their business and making long term gains and profits vital for the economy.”