Deutsche Bank and Winton Capital Management have launched the DB Platinum IV dbX Systematic Alpha Index Fund, a UCITS III compliant version of Winton's diversified program.

Deutsche Bank said the new fund will be launched on its Platinum platform which has EUR12.96bn under management and will be linked to the performance of the dbX Systematic Alpha Index. The components of the index will be selected by Winton which covers the exposure of approximately 100 global exchange-traded futures, forwards and options markets on commodities, equity indices, bonds, short-term interest rates and currencies.

Investors in the UCITS III Fund are expected to benefit from the provision of weekly liquidity with fund NAVs published on Reuters, Bloomberg and online. The fund will be available in EUR, GBP, USD and JPY and intends to apply for Reporting Fund status in respect of the GBP share class.

Stephane Farouze, global head of fund derivatives at Deutsche Bank, said: “Winton’s long standing success will make this particular product attractive to investors wanting to access the returns of a leading managed futures hedge fund in a UCITS III format.”

David Harding, founder and managing director of Winton Capital Management, said: “By providing our trading strategy in a UCITS III format we will be able to diversify our investor base. We have chosen to work with Deutsche Bank because of their extensive operational and risk management experience as well as the broad distribution network the bank provides for its platform.”