Denarii Systems, a mobile money transfer provider and financial transaction processor, has selected Arias Financial Solutions' remittance platform as the back-end remittance processing and compliance monitoring system to facilitate its mobile money transfer products for customers in South America, Asia and the Mideast.

Arias will provide compliance and settlement infrastructure for mobile transfers to Denarii’s key markets. All transfers will be initiated from a mobile linked prepaid card issued on the Denarii platform.

Arias will deposit the funds directly onto a mobile linked prepaid card issued in the destination country (Card2Card transfer) or to a payout location contracted with the Arias network in the destination country (Card2Cash transfer).

Angel Pacheco, CEO of Denarii, said: “Arias’ remittance platform enables Denarii to expand its mission of providing best practices to the mobile money transfer (MMT) industry. Our remittance partners and their end-user customers benefit from the ease of making a mobile remittance at a lower transaction cost and with the highest degree of security and compliance governing both sides of the transaction. Together this allows Denarii to ensure that its best practices for MMT exceed the standards set within our industry.”