Dalton Strategic Partnership, a global investment management firm, is planning to launch the Melchior Japan Advantage Fund, an onshore version of the Melchior Selected Trust Japan Advantage Fund.

The new fund will mirror the Melchior Selected Trust Japan Advantage Fund, which has outperformed the TOPIX Index by 11.8% since launch, with a return of 19.7% in yen terms against the index return of 7.9%.

Melchior Japan Advantage Fund will be managed by Akira Yoshimi, a senior fund manager at FuNNeX Asset Management. Before joining FuNNeX, Mr Yoshimi was head of the Japanese equity value team at Daiwa Capital Management where he managed over $1 billion of assets, primarily for institutional investors.

Magnus Spence, partner of Dalton Strategic Partnership, said: Akira Yoshimi is one of Japan’s outstanding fund managers. He carries with him an exceptional track record and a strong following among Japanese institutional investors who have been benefiting from his stock picking skills since 1994.