Daiwa Capital Markets, an investment banking business arm of Japan-based Daiwa Securities Group, has deployed smartTrade Technologies' Liquidity Management System (LMS) to strengthen its Asian equities trading capabilities.

According to the smartTrade, the LMS will provide Daiwa with advanced smart order routing and matching capabilities to deliver reduced transaction costs and better connectivity to the local equity market.

smartTrade said that the solution will enable Daiwa to create its own dark pool and SOR – DRECT that aggregates liquidity to trade anonymously, at higher speeds and lower transaction costs. The solution also allows Daiwa to expand beyond exchanges to alternative trading venues.

Daiwa global head of electronic trading services Punit Mittal said smartTrade Technologies have provided the technology that has enabled Daiwa to create its own dark pool and deliver advanced price discovery capabilities.

"We can now supply our clients with premium, consolidated access to multiple venues and help them manage equity trade flows end-to-end," Mittal said.