Credit Suisse has made Advanced Execution Services (AES) Velocity available in Hong Kong to provide its clients trading Hong Kong listed equities direct market access speeds expected to be under one millisecond.

According to the Credit Suisse AES Velocity can help speed-sensitive clients generate alpha. Additionally, algorithmic trading relies on real-time data. As such, AES Velocity can result in better performance by enabling its strategies to react faster to market conditions. AES Velocity is expected to be available in Australia and Singapore soon.

Credit Suisse said that AES Velocity in Japan, which was introduced in January 2010, helps clients who place their trading engines within its ‘racks’ to trade stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange via AES Velocity will be able to achieve one-way latency figures of 200 microseconds.

Hani Shalabi, head of AES for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, said: “AES Velocity and Pathfinder (smart order routing) are testaments to Credit Suisse’s position at the frontiers of execution technology in Asia Pacific. Helping clients take pole position when it comes to performance, liquidity aggregation and best execution is at the core of Credit Suisse’s ambition to build the leading client-focused franchise in the region.”