Credit Suisse has launched advanced execution services (AES) Velocity in Singapore to offer direct market zccess speeds (DMA) of under one millisecond for the clients trading Singapore-listed equities.

The introduction of ultra-low latency DMA in Singapore is part of Credit Suisse’ client-focused, capital-efficient strategy and deliver the benefits of latest trading technology to clients in Asia Pacific.

Credit Suisse claimed that it is achieving the latency figures of 265 microseconds in Singapore, which is equivalent to around a quarter of one thousandth of a second.

AES Velocity is available in Japan since January 2010 and Hong Kong since June 2010, and is expected to introduced in Australia soon.

Hani Shalabi, head of AES for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse, said: “Credit Suisse remains committed to bringing ultra-low latency trading to every viable market in Asia Pacific. We have built our leadership in global and Asian electronic trading by listening to what our clients need and meeting those needs.

“Today, it’s important for many of our clients to have ultra-fast direct market access, so we have delivered sub-millisecond trading speeds in three major Asia Pacific markets so far this year.”