Credit Suisse has expanded its Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) portfolio with the addition of 13 new products, bringing the total to 54.

The new ETF’s are scheduled to be listed on the Six Swiss Exchange. Majority of them track individual emerging markets.

The new ETF’s comprise three regional ETFs – MSCI EM Asia, MSCI EM Latin America, and MSCI EM EMEA – as well as ETFs on individual countries within these regions, including Brazil, Russia, China, and India.

The index replicates the performance of the 300 largest companies in mainland China which are listed on the country’s two major stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen. New Credit Suisse ETFs have also been launched on other key emerging market economies such as India, Russia, and Brazil.

Credit Suisse ETFs global head Dan Draper said that with this product, Credit Suisse will be the first ETF provider to offer European investors access to A-shares from the Chinese stock exchange, which are not directly available to non-Chinese private investors.

Credit Suisse ETFs Switzerland head Thomas Merz said that they want to use the complete portfolio of emerging market ETFs to give investors the opportunity to structure their emerging market allocation individually and to invest in selected emerging countries.