Credit Agricole has launched a new budget management application My Budget for iPhone clients in France. The application allows clients to manage their budget on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Credit Agricole said that My Budget, a free to download application, combines its online banking and budget management software functionality while retaining the ease of navigation and ergonomics of iPhone application services. Users can manage their budget with an application that works in both online and offline mode.

The features of the application include: do my accounts function which allows clients to manage their accounts for viewing, to make a transaction or put it into the right category.

Manage my budget option offers clients tools to help understand past behaviour (rearview) anticipate the future (draw up average budgets) and a system of status bars and limit alerts feature helps clients to manage spending and avoid surprises.

The France-based bank added that ‘see my portfolio’ feature allows clients to view all accounts and movements over a rolling 13 month period, which combines a dynamic wheel and a bar chart. Support feature to help clients realise their plans.

The application also offers the ability to monitor short or medium-term plans by providing a reminder each month of how much needs to be saved to achieve the target. Credit Agricole also offers the clients the ability to make transfers directly or use revolving credit accounts in order to rebalance accounts.