The Responsible Consumer Fund is aimed at investing in businesses that are open to the paradigm shift in consumer preferences


Image: Credit Suisse headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zürich, Switzerland. Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Wolf/Wikipedia.

Financial services provider Credit Suisse, in collaboration with independent banking group Lombard Odier, has launched a responsible consumer fund.

The Credit Suisse Responsible Consumer Fund is set to provide an opportunity for investors to invest in businesses that benefit from the changes initiated by a transition to a sustainable economy.

Credit Suisse impact advisory and finance (IAF) department CEO Marisa Drew said that the fund “Is targeted at investors who are keen to align their investing with the topics they are passionate about and which they may already be supporting today with their consumer wallet.

“This fund should have equal appeal to those investors who see true value creation in backing those companies that are likely to gain market share by being attuned to the shift in consumer sentiment.”

Credit Suisse published ‘The Responsible Consumer’ report in October 2019

According to the company, consumer behaviour is changing, where people are increasingly questioning how they make, use and dispose of goods and services.

The change in behaviour impacts the business models along with the business ecosystems and supply chains and the disruption comes as an opportunity for investors, said the company.

Credit Suisse has created the responsible consumer fund following the publication of its ‘The Responsible Consumer’ report in October 2019.

The company said that the fund is aimed at investing in businesses that are open to the paradigm shift in consumer preferences and capable of potentially outperform in the long-run.

In addition, the fund marks the extension of its efforts to expand the product offering in the values-driven sustainable investment arena.

Lombard Odier Investment Managers equities global head Didier Rabattu said: “Sustainability is a critical issue which will determine the long-term future success of companies and presents a real opportunity for investors.

“We are delighted to partner with Credit Suisse on this project to give investors exposure to companies that are either transitioning towards a more sustainable business model, and/or provide a solution to a particular sustainability challenge. We think this will help drive future investment returns.”