ConvergEx has released Eze Compliance version 5.7, the compliance software for order management system Eze OMS. The new software helps UCITS and Newcits funds managers to streamline the investment cycle for all asset classes -from idea generation through settlement.

ConvergEx said that the Eze Compliance version 5.7 introduces a new Rule Editor, which provides an expanded set of functionalities for defining rules, including enhanced logic, increased customizations, new rule types and improved logic for existing rule types.

The Version 5.7 also introduces the Calculation Manager, offering a centralized location for managing configurable calculations using any data element in the system. Additionally, compliance rules can be set up to monitor various thresholds and alert users of violations via mobile alerts so users are kept informed when they are away from their desks, according to the ConvergEx.

In addition, ConvergEx also offers a specialized consulting team that focuses on compliance implementations and ongoing support, including the configuration of new rules and calculations.

Sean Sullivan, director of global sales for Eze Castle Software at ConvergEx, said: “With this latest release, compliance users will find it easier than ever to build rules using hundreds of templates and calculations, including updated templates for UCITS, such as issuer concentration and counterparty exposures rules.”

Simon Clark, director of European consulting for Eze Castle Software at ConvergEx, said: “These enhancements and the Eze support team are particularly valuable as UCITS and Newcits funds continue to enjoy a high level of popularity throughout Europe and beyond. To be successful, new UCITS funds not only need strong managers, they need robust, real-time risk and compliance management software to meet their regulatory needs.”