Conestoga Bank has selected J&B Software, a technology-services partner of mobile-document-capture applications developer Mitek Systems, to provide Mobile Deposit application, as part of turnkey mobile-banking solution.

The agreement will allow Conestoga Bank customers to deposit checks via their camera-equipped smartphones, utilizing J&B’s mobile software solution and featuring Mitek’s Mobile Deposit functionality.

J&B’s mobile deposit solution combines Mitek’s Mobile Deposit, a mobile remote data capture (RDC) application, with J&B’s own workflow, risk management and Check 21 clearing solutions.

J&B mobile deposit offering allows banks, brokerages, retailers, insurers, transportation companies, consumers and others to begin securely depositing paper checks from mobile phones and lowers implementation and overhead costs while accelerating deployment.

According to Mitek its software captures the check images and prepares them for transmission to the financial institution’s RDC receiving solution.

Before transmitting the check images, Mitek’s IMagePROVE technology formats the images, automatically corrects any image distortions or skewing, and confirms that the images meet accepted image-quality standards.

Jim DeBello, CEO of Mitek, said: “We’re very pleased that Conestoga Bank has chosen the J&B SaaS solution, featuring Mitek’s Mobile Deposit, as its mobile RDC solution. We’ve overcome the challenge of making the technology easy to use while keeping data secure.”