Through the alliance with Taulia, JP Morgan expects to be in a better position to cater to its clients for the long term, enabling them to inject and redeploy liquidity to their suppliers

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Taulia joins forces with JP Morgan to create new trade finance solution. (Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Taulia, a provider of working capital technology solutions, has entered into an alliance with JP Morgan to create a new trade finance solution for clients.

The alliance is said to help in strengthening Taulia’s position as one of the top supply chain finance providers, while enabling JP Morgan to extend the value proposition for clients.

The new initiative is expected to offer JP Morgan’s clients the capability to onboard suppliers of all sizes across the world and also the flexibility to seamlessly toggle between bank-funded and self-funded early payments.

The partnership is said to represent the most significant strategic alliance for JP Morgan with a fintech company engaged in the trade finance business. JP Morgan is expected to utilise Taulia’s technology platform, data and analytics to improve and streamline corporate supply chains.

JP Morgan wholesale payments global head Takis Georgakopoulos said: “We’re always looking for impactful ways to enhance the client experience within Wholesale Payments and that’s been proven by our various investments over the last three years – from acquisitions to strategic alliances like what we’re doing with Taulia.

“With Taulia, we’re better positioned to serve our clients for the long term, allowing them to inject and redeploy liquidity to their suppliers, ensuring continued operations during this challenging time.”

The wholesale payments business of JP Morgan is said to enable clients pay anyone, in any currency, anywhere in the world by combining the treasury services, trade, commercial card, and merchant services capabilities.

Taulia claims that through its platform, clients can inject liquidity to bolster their supply chain. At the same time, the platform is expected to give clients better visibility and control over their cash, which will eventually unlock the trapped working capital within their supply chains.

Taulia CEO comments on the alliance with JP Morgan

Taulia CEO Cedric Bru said: “Combining Taulia’s technology and delivery with J.P. Morgan’s global reach creates an unmatched value proposition for clients. Our mission is to allow businesses to thrive by having access to cash in a predictable and cost-effective manner.”