Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC), a Colombia-based stock exchange, has selected Greenline Financial Technologies's FIX protocol testing tool VeriFIX to offer advanced testing support for its exchange members.

According to Greenline Financial, VeriFIX users can test multiple counterparties and simulate scenarios 24 hours a day. This capability allows for simultaneous load and regression testing for a range of trading counterparties. VeriFIX can also be customized to support multiple flavors of FIX connectivity, providing users the flexibility to support a range of testing needs.

Testing scripts can also be configured to emulate the exchange environment, providing clients and brokers with a realistic depiction of trading behavior, delivering higher rates of testing accuracy and protocol validation. Additionally, VeriFIX can provide execution reports and latency statistics to illustrate system capacity and detect any errors or message loss.

Josh Tolman, president of Greenline Financial Technologies, said: “We are looking forward to providing the BVC a robust FIX testing environment so that the exchange can accommodate future growth. Greenline’s suite of products is utilized by many emerging markets leaders.”

Jitendra Puri, vice president of technology at BVC, said: “VeriFIX is a powerful, reliable testing engine that can enable us to deliver high-quality testing support for our exchange members.”