China Merchants Securities (CMS) has selected Imagine Software's ASP-based service to manage its international securities business. Imagine Software is a US-based provider of real-time portfolio and risk management solutions.

Steve Luo, associate director of risk management at CMS, said: “We have a very broad approach to trading securities that extends far beyond mainland China. For this reason it was essential to find a risk management system that covered all asset classes, calculated Greeks in real-time, and had the capacity to handle derivatives trading.

“One feature we find particularly useful is Imagine’s ‘custom column’ facility, which allows us to modify existing risk calculations and create new ones in minutes without external programming assistance. This is a very powerful tool.”

Yvonne Dahl, global director of sales and marketing at Imagine, said: “China Merchants Securities is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in securities trading in China and we are excited they have selected Imagine as the risk management solution provider for their growing international securities business.

“Imagine answers the firm’s demand for a robust risk management system and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with China Merchants Securities.”

China Merchants Securities with 71 branches in 34 cities across China, was established over 19 years ago and is active in many major Asian, US, and European markets.