Located in the State of Kerala, AIWare.ai was recently recognized as one of the top 10 AI startups in India

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Cleareye.ai acquires India-based artificial intelligence company Aiware.ai. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Global fintech company Cleareye.ai, headquartered in California, has acquired AIWare.ai, an India based startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions. Located in the State of Kerala, AIWare.ai was recently recognized as one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

Murali Gopalan, Chief Executive Officer Cleareye.ai, said that this is an important milestone in its journey towards offering “Simplify Banking” as value proposition to Banks worldwide. He said, “The Cleareye.ai platform is designed to help banks launch products and solutions faster to market, while creating phenomenal customer experience and increasing the top line and bottom-line revenue. Our platform leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and helps banks achieve this with minimal changes to their core infrastructure”.

Globally, banks are facing intense competition from Digital players who are more responsive to consumers, more agile with innovations and nimbler. The Cleareye.ai platform is uniquely designed to help banks enhance their customer experience, innovation and employee productivity.

“We marry customer experience and risk management for banks to simplify their operations and increase top line and bottom line growth through our outcomes-driven platform, which can be readily integrated with the banks’ existing systems at little incremental cost and minimal disruption to existing technology footprint,” states Sarath Sasikumar, Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer at Cleareye.ai.

Welcoming the move, Chandrasekhar Somasekhar, Chief Architect of AIWare.ai said, “The combined forces of our team in India and the global company will strengthen our ability to offer unique solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Bionic Automation and Advanced Analytics”.

“We are incredibly excited about our journey ahead and are looking forward to exploring the wide opportunities this union will bring”, Sachith Sebastian, COO of AIWare.ai who was instrumental in setting up its operations since its inception.

The acquired entity will be henceforth called Cleareye.ai India Pvt Ltd and will serve as the dedicated product development and R&D wing of Cleareye.ai, Inc.

As a follow up of the acquisition, India office is expected to hire 100 highly trained talents in cutting edge domains like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence in the coming months.

Source: Company Press Release