Claymore Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of financial services and asset management company Claymore Group, has introduced the new Claymore Global Infrastructure Exchange Traded Fund.

Claymore noted that the Claymore Global Infrastructure ETF (exchange traded fund) has been designed to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the MFC Global Infrastructure Index, net of expenses. The MFC Global Infrastructure Index seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies in the infrastructure sector based on a quantitative bottom-up, multi-factor selection process.

Like most of Claymore Investments’ other current ETFs, the Claymore Global Infrastructure ETF will be offering two classes of units to the public, the common unit and advisor class unit.

Som Seif, president and CEO of Claymore Investments, said: Infrastructure has become a major area of investment focus for some of the largest institutional investors. Investments in infrastructure-related securities may serve as a potential hedge against inflation and also offer the potential to deliver superior investment returns as governments in both developed and developing countries increasingly focus on the need to make adequate investments in infrastructure assets.