ClairMail, a provider of mobile banking and payments solutions, has added a new suite of international mobile banking features to support the transactions across global markets and multiple currencies.

The newly added international features include Multi-Currency Account Management, International ATM/Branch Locator and Multi-Language Capability and Customized Localization.

Multi-Currency Account Management supports mobile transactions across multiple international currencies. It will enable financial institutions (FIs) the ability to offer cross-currency mobile banking and payments functionality to their customers.

International ATM/Branch Locator functionality allows for FIs to account for various zip and postal code formats and distance metrics.

Multi-Language Capability and Customized Localization allows FIs to customize user interfaces based on local markets, including expanded content formats to account for various language and banking preferences in each market, according to the ClairMail.

ClairMail CEO Pete Daffern said that the new capabilities reinforce the firm’s global mobile banking footprint by providing a customizable platform for its FI customers throughout the world.