Citibank Singapore has partnered with Card Protection Plan and Credit Bureau Singapore to set a new service called ID Protect in Asia.

The new identity protection service safeguards customers from identity theft and the resulting fraud by providing a range of prevention and resolution services.

ID Protect’s prevention service offers credit reports, credit flagging, and credit alerts to ensure that customers are aware of any attempts to steal their identity as early as possible, thus reducing the risk of unauthorized transactions. Its resolution service includes an identity protection expert who will work with the customer every step of the way in helping and assisting with the resolution of the identity theft.

This new service is managed by Card Protection Plan (CPP), a life assistance provider. Credit Bureau Singapore, Singapore’s consumer credit bureau and credit reference agency, has partnered with CPP to provide the credit reports, flagging and alert services.

John Denhof, business director of credit payment products at Citibank Singapore, said: With ID Protect, we are not only demonstrating our commitment to provide customers with complete peace of mind when they bank with us, we are also going several steps further to offer them protection for their identity.

This is of crucial importance and relevance to everyone as identity theft can have wide-ranging impact on an individual’s entire banking and credit history and records, including credit cards, line of credit and mortgages.