Citibank Taiwan has launched mobile banking service Citi Mobile, which integrates an array of services including daily life, consumption, financial management and finance on the mobile platform.

Using their mobile phones, Citibank Taiwan customers can transfer money, pay utility bills, buy high speed rail tickets, check locations of Citi dining and merchant offers, make restaurant reservations and even complete their daily chores, such as buying groceries online anywhere, anytime.

The services and preferential offers on Citi Mobile include transferring money to designated accounts, money exchange and oversea real-time money remittance, checking and paying 35 utility bills such as telecom and parking fees by credit cards via mobile phones, and enjoying preferential deals when making purchases via the mobile internet at supermarkets.

Citibank Taiwan said that Chunghwa Telecom subscribers can also connect to Citi Mobile services through the telecom service provider portals – Hami, mCool and emome – via their mobile phones.

Citibank Taiwan added that preferential programs and services on Citi Mobile include: mobile banking, payment center, premium search and marketplace.

Victor Kuan, chairman of Citibank Taiwan, said: “Citi Mobile transcends the traditional banking model. Not only does it offer financial functions, it provides the services that consumers need every day. This comprehensive platform had required communication, integration and cooperation among all our strategic partners.”